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Puzzle Art Packaging

What is Puzzle Art Packaging- PAP is packaging with consumer adoption in mind. We engage the consumers by creating fun task(s)/hunt(s) with our local art and packaging. We are working with local artist to create one-of-a-kind prints with local brands.

  • Each picture/print has limited numbers of 200 to 1,000 copies, signed by the artist.
  • A picture/print is split up into 4, to 24 individual sections making up the picture/print depending on the brands promotion.
  • Sections are printed on either mylar bags, stickers, and or jar labels.
  • Each individual section has its own QR code and is numbered based on the number of sections per picture/print and will have to be registered online to receive a singed artist print.

Here is how PAP is played.

  1. The consumer purchases the cannabis product(s)- Flower, Concentrate, Edible product in legal state dispensaries that participate in PAP promotions.
  2. Sections are divided and sent to different dispensaries in the state creating a fun adventure finding each section.
  3. A section(s) map is located on our web site indicating the area were each section(s) are located in.
  4. The more sections to each picture/print the more challenging the task/hunt get and the more valuable the artist prints are.
  5. Once the consumer registers their personal information, store location purchase at and the QR code assigned to each section the task/hunt will begin.
  6. Each consumer will have the ability to print out a black and white copy of the picture/print to hang while playing
  7. Each color sections can be applied to the black and white copy unit filled.
  8. Once filled, if you are one of the lucky ones to finish the hunt/task and register all pieces of the picture/print before the other players then you will be mailed a signed, numbered print by each artist.

Pieces per picture/print

(4) section picture/print- 800 pieces per section- 200 winners
(6) section picture/print- 1200 pieces per section- 300 winners
(8) sections picture/print- 1600 pieces per section- 400 winners
(12) sections picture/print- 3000 pieces per section- 600 winners
(24) sections picture/print- 5000 pieces per section- 1000 winners