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Mellow Vibes 4/20 Events

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Come & Join us at one of our 4/20 Events! Meet the crew, try some samples, and find great deals!

Date Time Location Host Area
20-Apr 4-6pm SwedCo Brad PDX
21-Apr 12-3pm Herb Center Oregon City Brad PDX
21-Apr 12-3pm Fidus Christina PDX
20-Apr 10am -12 pm LemoNade st johns Cookie Bailey Missy PDX
20-Apr 1-3 pm Lucky Lion Powell Cookie Bailey Missy PDX
20-Apr 10am-12pm LemonNade Tigard Jacob PDX
20-Apr 2pm-8pm Northwest Cannabis Co Jacob PDX
22-Apr 2-6pm Nebula PDX Jacob PDX
21-Apr 12-2pm CannaVida Bend Jeff Bend
21-Apr 3-6 pm Herb Center- Bend Jeff Bend
20-Apr 4-6pm Cookies Halsey Layla PDX
21-Apr 12-2 pm Budlandia Division Layla PDX
21-Apr 2:30-5pm Dime Store Layla PDX
20-Apr 8-10am Truth Dispensary, Salem Nick Salem
21-Apr 2-4pm Oregon cannabis co Nick Salem
19-Apr 11-1pm Green Cross- Liberty Nick & Jen Salem
19-Apr 2-4pm Green Cross- Commercial Nick & Jen Salem
20-Apr 11am-1pm Livewell Broadway Nick & Jen Salem
20-Apr 3-5pm Green Cross River Rd Nick & Jen Salem
20-Apr 9-11am Kingston Tyler South
20-Apr 12-2pm Sensible Tyler South
20-Apr 2-4 pm Emerald Triangle Tyler South
20-Apr 4-7pm Diamond Tyler South
20-Apr 7-9pm Forward Tyler South
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