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Leaf Magazines “Higher Love”

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Brad & Christina Zusman - Higher Love Feature - Leaf Magazines

Text Of The Article From The Leaf Magazines


It can be a challenge finding one’s stoner soulmate – someone you can grow with (both figuratively and literally), who not only tolerates your daily dab habit but can actually go toke-for-toke with you. For hardcore heads, true romantic chemistry, it seems, must include THC as part of the formula. Because as those lucky enough to find their perfect pot-smoking partner will tell you, there’s nothing quite like that “higher love.” I would know – my wife April and I met (then three years later, got engaged) at the Cannabis Cup in Amsterdam and held a weed-themed wedding before that became a “thing.” For us, like so many others, Cannabis has been both the catalyst that brought us together and an invaluable ally in maintaining harmony in our relationship.

So to celebrate Valentine’s Day 2022, we asked some of our favorite Cannabis couples to weigh in on how their love of the plant relates to their love for one another.

Brad & Christina Zusman (Owners, v)

Gresham, OR
30 years

How/when did you meet?

At the LGBTQI+ festival at the Portland waterfront in 1991. Christina was contracted to assist Brad’s catering company vending at the festival.

First time you got high together?

It’s crazy to think it took 12 years together before Christina used Cannabis! It was the first medical crop we grew together in our house … Christina got so stoned from two bong hits she slept for 15 hours!

Did you have a weedy wedding?

We set up a smoke station in the gazebo with assorted Cannabis and infused homemade wine provided by Christina’s parents.

Most romantic date/trip involving Cannabis?

Brad took me to Hawaii for our anniversary once, and we snuck over some Cannabis and edible treats. We were told not to indulge on the property, so we walked over to some trees on the beach, sat down on a blanket, drank wine, and smoked while watching the waves crash into the rocks.

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